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GPRS/3G Datacards:

Unlike the 3g/hsdpa modem, the GPRS/3G Data card can allow you access the Internet throughout most of the country. When there is no 3G coverage it switches to the GPRS network. One-week rental is 75 euro, extra day is 3 euro/day.


You are billed based on the amount of data you use, and not the length of time you spend on-line. The cost of 1MB of data is 3.70 euro including VAT at 21.5%.


How much is 1 MB?
1MB = approximately: 100 text emails (no attachments), or
20 Internet page views from a laptop (varies according to page size)

The GPRS/3G Data card is more suited to those who need Internet access throughout the country.



Laptop Requirments for the Prepaid 3G/HSDPA Modem


Laptop Requirments for the Postpaid GPRS/3G Data card


Order A Prepaid 3G/HSDPA Modem

Order A Postpaid GPRS/3G Datacard