Using Your Cell Phone in Ireland


When you go on an awesome trip travelling around Ireland, the UK and Europe the last thing that you want to get hit with when you arrive home to the United States of America is a high three or four figure cell phone bill.  It can happen, but when you know about the risks in advance you can take steps to protect your wallet, and prevent yourself getting ripped off.

Basically, you can speak to your provider before you go travelling to see what your options are.  Its likely that you will need to take your cell phone with you in any event in case you need to be notified of certain family or work emergencies that could crop up while you are travelling.  But outside of emergencies, maybe you don’t need to be answering your cell phone or communicating with home to a large extent when travelling.  You can always buy or hire a phone in the UK or Ireland, where the tariff on local calls will be significantly cheaper and then are the free online options like Skype and Facebook.

Just remember you have options and be cost conscious when using your cell phone when travelling.