Life Coach

Working With  A Life Coach for A Life Well Lived

A good life coach possesses excellent skills. A life coach is not there to hand you all the answers. The task of a life coach is to help you explore your problems and to find solutions for these problems.

Look for a life coach with a complimentary communication. For example, if you like learning by hearing, look for a great talker. Make sure that your life coach knows your style of learning and knows what you need from him or her.


Life Coaching in Ireland

Here’s how to find a good life coach.

1. Accountable

A good life coach feels responsible for the success of their students. You should trust your coach and the coach should follow up and monitor how you are applying what you have learned during your sessions.

2. Strategic Thinker

You have unique needs. A good life coach plots a path that addresses the limiting beliefs of their students and they help their students get the outcome they seek. Look for a life coach who understands your needs and is ready to help you.

3. Good Listener

Life coaching is about you, your ambitions or goals, and the plans for making your goals a reality. A great life coach is willing to listen to their students and the coach understands what their students want to achieve. A good life coach is a good listener.

4. Goal Oriented

The goal of life coaching is to achieve a permanent change. It is hard to know when you have accomplished this so it is important to establish goals. Goals help you measure your progress. Therefore, look for a coach who will help you establish the right goals.  You can begin by reseaching local life coaches by looking for good life coaches.

5. Health Conscious

A high regard for your health is something that simply cannot be overlooked in seeking to become more successful, and fulfilled in this life.  And so it is important that any addictions or excesses are addressed and treated.  If you are smoker one simple tip that could help you is to consider vaping, where the health concerns are nowhere near as serious as with traditional tobacco products.  We suggest you check this out online or visit a good vape shop like E-Cigs Online – the best dublin vape shop online.  While the jury is still out on the long-term effects of e-cigarettes, it is generally accepted that they are much safer than cigarettes.

You now know how to find a good life coach. Use the information in this article to make an informed decision. Choose a life coach who will help you achieve your life goals.